What Kind of Secrets Does your Face Hide:

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High forehead


Is your forehead high and prominent, and your hairline high on top of your head?

Our expert says…
> Intellect:
You’re extremely skilled at digesting information. You like to learn and you’re capable of studying demanding,complex subjects like maths, physics or philosophy. Your intelligence needs a channel for expression.
> Your temperament: You’re very prudent. You’re good at spotting and assessing danger. You hate risks and all that goes with them: uncertainty, disorder and irrationality. You seek clarity, security, order and “normality.” You take things slowly but surely, and always plan in advance.


Average forehead


Is your forehead average sized, not too high or narrow?

Our expert says…
> Intellect:
You have a good level of intelligence and you’re good at seeing both sides of a situation. You like clear ideas and image-driven concepts. You’re a very organised person and highly suited to teaching.
> Your temperament: Your intellect is a key part of your personality, but feeling and intuition are also very important to you. Your mix of imagination and severity make you a hard-working, balanced person who is capable of unlocking the most difficult of situations.


Small forehead


Is your forehead narrow, your hairline low and your face quite short?

Our expert says…
> Intellect: Problems and annoyances wash over you. You use your heart rather than your head to approach life. You’re very indepedent and don’t like to waste your time examining and decoding things.
> Your character: You act first and think afterwards! You like to learn the hard way: from your mistakes. You get your ideas and principles from experience.



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