This Is Amazing! Use Baking Soda As Home Remedie For Urinary Tract Infections

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UTI or Urinary Tract Infection is a problem in the urinary tract of the person wherein the urination becomes difficult and painful. Some other symptoms may accompany as well. UTI may also refer to problems in the urethra or the bladder, ureters and even the kidneys. It represents a bacterial infection where the bacteria gets in the urethra opening and starts multiplying and by that infecting the urinary tract and causing issues.

If the issue is not addresses quickly and efficiently, it can become very painful and can cause discomfort. It is important to know what are the causes and the symptoms for early prevention. Early diagnosis means early recovery.

Causes and Symptoms

The below list provides various common causes of UTI and problems in the urinary tract:

  • Sexual intercourse – very common cause. The bacteria living in the vaginal tract can get inside the urinary tract when there is movement. The bacteria can then procreate and infect the system.

  • Bacterial Infection in the urethra – when there is a risk for a bacteria to get into the opening of the urethra, the tract experiences a lot of problems. The bacteria can easily get into the digestive tract and it easily finds the way into the urethra opening.

  • Multiple sexual partners – also a factor in developing UTI. Bearing in mind that there are different people, the person is exposed to different types of bacteria in bigger amounts.

  • Anatomy – some people are more prone to UTIs due to inherited problematic genes. Some women tend to experience UTIs more often than most men.

  • Prolonging the urge to urinate – delaying the urination also counts as one of the biggest causes. When urination is prolonged, the bladder stretches and the stored urine increases the risk of an infection.


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