Should You Really Rinse Rice Before You Cook It?

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As one of my favorite foods, rice has a special place in my heart. Due to this love, I love to learn everything there is to learn about it. For example, to wash it, or not to wash it? Although the process is quite simple, there are still some small details that need to be covered in regards to the washing of the rice. Although it might seem strange, people do ask themselves quite often, believe it or not.

The Question Remains: To Wash, or Not to Wash?

Washing rice may seem normal for most, but there are some people who are just plain lazy and never even think of it. They use their logic that when they put the rice in the oven, the heat will kill all the germs. But, what happens when lazy is unacceptable and seen and irresponsible? There are cases when the rice has to be washed, lazy or not. It may contain twigs, some dirt or other dirty characteristics that may be harmful. However, the question still remains: to wash, not to wash in cases where it seems clean?

If you’re wondering if there is a difference between washed and unwashed rice, you’ve come to the right place. The biggest difference in the rice is in fact its texture. Once you have put the rice in a pot, you should wash and drain it three times until you receive a clear color. After that, cook the rice as you would any other time.

Below are the things that will happen if you do wash the rice:

  • The rice becomes a lot fluffier after washing
  • The rice grains are al dente, which means they are firm, but perfect
  • The grains are a lot more separated


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