Researchers Found That Guys With Bigger Bellies Have Bigger Sexual Stamina than Slimmer Guys

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Science says that you should not be ashamed of your love handles, or big belly, as this could be the best thing for your bedroom life.

Erciyes University researchers in Turkey have proven that overweight men have better sexual stamina than those who are slimmer. The study has been conducted for a little over a year and has looked at the relationships between sexual performance and the body mass index (BMI). It has been discovered that those with bigger bellies last about 5 more minutes.

The researchers took one hundred men and studied their BMI and their sexual performance. These men have been seeking answers for their sexual dysfunctions. They also gathered 100 men without any issues in this field. After a year, it was concluded that those men with higher BMI, especially the ones with bigger bellies lasted an average 7.5 minutes, whereas the slimmer barely hold for 2 minutes.

The difference of 5 minutes is highly significant, since it is three times longer than the men with bigger bellies. In average, the men with bellies will spend 8 more hours a year than the one that has a six pack.

What is the cause?

According to the study, the biggest part of the skinnier men suffer from premature ejaculation. The penis is often thought of as a signal of a man’s health, where on the other hand, being overweight is not a sign that you are healthy. However, scientist state that this is much more complicated than that simple logic. The underlying scientific prove is that the more belly fat you have, the more estradiol you have, which is a female sex hormone that has the ability to inhibit orgasm.

So, if you are looking for a man who can provide full satisfaction in bed, forget about the six pack. Instead, go for men that do not appear to have masculine features, or go for those with the love handles. Meanwhile, for the men, if you want to provide greater satisfaction to your lady in the bedroom, this is the time to drink your favorite beer and eat your favorite chips, while being lazy, watching your favorite sports match.

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