Here Is How Melon Affects Our Organism

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Cantaloupe Nutrition and Health Benefits

Cantaloupes are a rich source of vitamin A (as beta-carotene) and vitamin C. They also contain good levels of B vitamins and vitamin K.

They are great sources of copper and potassium and also provide magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and manganese.

Cantaloupes are antioxidant rich and may help fight infection and protect against damage from free radicals.


Melon has an abundance of vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, beta carotene, as well as calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and copper.

Thanks to the high amount of water (about 95%), low sugar content and the amazing taste and smell, this fruit is amazing summer refreshment.

No other fruit is more characteristic for the summer than watermelon because it is great source of potassium, but melon has almost three times more potassium than watermelon.

Melon’s water and potassium stimulate kidney work, regulate blood pressure, and thanks to its fiber content it soothes the process of digestion and relieves flatulence.

Beta carotene helps in the fight against cancer. According to latest research, melon can also be used against many other types of malignant diseases. This is why melon is considered to be great anti-cancer fruit.

Melon should be consumed as much and as often as possible and the reasons are following:

— Melon is a natural remedy for detoxification of the body from harmful substances and is a perfect tool for stomach bloating treatment. Potassium (300 milligrams per 100 grams of melon) helps the body to get rid of excess sodium and thus lowers high blood pressure.

— Melon juice coatings are used for reducing pain. Apply coating made of melon juice or ground melon onto the sore spot in order to get rid of pain.

— In folk medicine melon has been used for calming and refreshing. It also helps in removing harmful substances from the body.

— Melon is used against kidney stones, dealing with insect bites, burns and diseases of the stomach and intestines.

— Helps with inflammation of the bile and urinary tract in impaired digestion.

— Melon is not fattening so it is great if you want to reduce your body weight.

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