Health Benefits of Lychee, This Is Amazing

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The Lychee, or also known as “the King of Fruits” is found in South China and is considered to be highly important within this culture. It is a rare sub-exotic fruit, which is 1.5 to 2 inches in dimensions, with round heart shape. Its skin is red and as soon as you peel it off, you can see the succulent whitened or pinkish flesh, clear just like the grape, whereas the flavor is much more pleasant and gratifying. It can be described as acidic sweet with extraordinary freshness. Lychee is rich in anti-oxidant vitamin C and Potassium.

Health Benefits

Lychee belongs to the soapberry family. It is exotic, found in southern China, northern Vietnam, southern Taiwan, Philippines as well as Indonesia. It can also be found in India. The trees are evergreen with pinnate leaves. On the outside it is protected by rough textured pink-red skin, easily extractible. The fruit consists of sweet layered white-colored flesh with brown colored seed. The flavor is near to the one of the grape and very delicious. Additionally, it has many health proportions.

1. Oligonol:

Oligonol is the world very first industrially created low molecular weight polyphenol and has proven exceptional bioavailability and effectiveness. The full name is “Oligomer Polyphenol” and has relatively reduced molecular weight.

2. Prevents Cancer cells growth

Cancer causes irregular cell division without control and they can not be destroyed as an element of the regular lifecycle of the cell. It can spread to the near tissues and through the bloodstream can be distributed to other areas of the body. It has been considered to help prevent development of cancer cells, breast as well as prostate. Lychees is also rich in Beta  carotene, even more than carrots, which is helpful in battling most cancers.

3. Lowers the risk of cardio-vascular diseases

Cardio-vascular disease is a general term for any kind of ailment to the heart, with the exception of coronary disease which includes blood vessels diseases. Many researchers have found that this fruit has the second-highest degree of poluphenols, which are promoters of heart health. When compared to grapes, lychees contain 15% more polyphenols.

Oligonol® helps in enhancing cardio performance. With the exceptional amount of beta-carotene , it offers numerous health advantages, like improving immunity, slowing or even preventing cataracts and as stated above, preventing most cancers.



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