Father Faces 20 Years Jail In After Trying To Treat Daughter’s Cancer With Cannabis Oil

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Adam Koessler’s daughter was only 2 years old when she was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Adam wanted to cure his little girls by any cost as every parent would do, even if it meant losing his freedom.

While trying to find the least harmful way to cure his little girl, he came across results that showed the effectiveness of cannabis is treating cancer. Unfortunately, in Australia, where this family lives, marijuana is still illegal, but this didn’t stop him from treating his daughter with cannabis.

Soon after, on January 2nd he was arrested for “allegedly administering medicinal cannabis oil” and also charged with ”possession of a dangerous drug” facing up to 20 years of jail time if found guilty.

Before his daughter’s diagnosis Adam was allowed to see her four days a week as per a court order issued back in 2013 and now she has been removed from his care and is only allowed to visit her in the Lady Cilento Children’s hospital in South Brisbane, Australia where she’s treated with aggressive chemotherapy. His access there is restricted and he’s not being informed about her state.

Adam even tried to organize a registered business to supply organic meals for his daughter to have during her stay in hospital, but his request was denied by the hospital even though other families were allowed that.

It is more than obvious that this kind of behavior by the hospital is completely wrong since it can have negative impact on the child. Moreover, when the child is so young it can cause traumatic experience. Plus, to refuse giving healthy food to a person in general, let alone to a child, is disgusting and outrageous.

This case is the worst nightmare for every parent.


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