Are Fruit Juices Good For People With Diabetes

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A larger glass of juice can substantially increment blood sugar levels.

Despite that until now fruit juices are considered as a great way to get with your day. More recently was found that consumption of fruit juice on regular daily bases can be connected with increase in type 2 diabetes risk. This is way people with diabetes need to moderate and control the consumption of fruit juice.

What are the key ingredients in fruit juice and how this affects people with diabetes?


Despite the vitamins and calcium that are found in, the fruit juice also contains Calories, Fructose (a form of sugar found in the fruits). Be aware that for example one orange contains 60 calories and 1 liter of orange juice contains 400 calories. Also it is good to make point that fruit juice always contains far more less fibers then the a regular fruit, and also the biggest important factor is that the quantity of sugar in 1 liter juice is far more over the recommended daily need of a human body.

In short. Sugar levels in fruit juice can effect in spikes in blood sugar levels and increase the risk of hyperglycemia. So be more careful when and how much fruit juice are you consuming. We advice you, instead drinking a large glass of orange juice it is far more healthy and far more less risky to eat one fresh orange or hand full of blueberries.

According to a clinical study conducted in 2013 : drinking three large portions of fruit juice per week can be associated with an 8% increase in diabetes risk. But conversely, eating blueberries, grapes, apples can reduces the risk. The researchers found that replacing fruit juices with eating whole fruits would lower the risk by 7%.

Some fruits reduced the risk more than others. Blueberries are the leader in this list by reducing the risk by 26%. Grapefruits and bananas are just with 5% decrease.



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